Sermon Series| January 2017 | The Letter of Paul to Philemon

God's forgiveness is a blessing to all who believe. To whom much is given, much is required. We should rest in God's forgiveness of our sins and we should extended forgiveness to others as God has done so to us. Though this book does not contain the word "forgiveness," it gives a very persuasive picture of who forgives, how they forgive and why they forgive. We have subtitled this God's Wisdom of Reconciliation.

sermon series | FEbruary 2017 | the book of esther

God is never mentioned in the book. Some say this is the most secular of all the books of the Bible. Though God is not mentioned and though the book gives us a great picture of culture, we can see God at work behind the scenes to bring about His perfect plan through imperfect people.

men's bible study | Pentateuch & prophets

Every Tuesday at 6:30am, some men meet in the Fellowship Hall of the United Methodist Church to study the Bible. This year they are going through the Pentateuch and the Prophets.

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